I'm Adri Angotti.

Collectively we're ICONscious
An ad boutique that helps conscious brands multiply their profits by positioning them as ICONs in their field.

We're masters in translating the subtleties and uniqueness of your company into a powerful iconic Positioning Campaign that viscerally speaks to you ideal clients and partners, so they are irresistibly—and we mean irresistibly—drawn to work with you, without you having to say a word.

We believe communication is not only about giving information, but about the irresistible translation of that information so it can be delightfully consumed.

Real communication inspires, excites and turns consumers on to new ways of seeing the world and themselves. Most specifically, it’s about speaking in a way they feel completely understood. 


I was a “Mad Men” woman.

A creative director for global ad agencies in London, Amsterdam, Munich, Prague, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro & New York. 

Working in big agencies I learned how to turn brands into ICONS.

I also learned how to navigate the hearts and minds of all types of consumers.

That's when I started realizing that information only actually sells if translated.

The fascinating world of global brands advertising. 

From big board meetings with 50 people trying to fix a multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercial , to working into the night with my whole team on multi-billion dollar business pitches. 

I got the gist of how to create audacious, magnetizing, funny, provocative, tantalizing ICONIC CAMPAIGNS.


Profession: Seductress.

I literally sat on the floor of a London global agency with my then Chief Creative Director (CCD), a big icon in the ad business, as we frantically wrote headlines for an ad I had just sketched—which became “THE” ad that originated "THE" campaign, that sold millions and went on to win international awards. 

Advertising became my second skin.

Working in such big companies I couldn’t help but notice what worked and what didn’t. 

When a process is repeated for so many years it’s no longer questioned - even when it's no longer efficient.

Inside the mad, mad race between Good vs. Great. 

From the outside, the ad business may look glamorous, profitable, luxurious, exciting. And in a some aspects it is.

But a lot of what goes on stays under the radar, invisible to the outside world.

And not everything in the corporate scenario is clear, fair, congruent and, dare I say, ethic.

At some point I realized...

I was creating award-winning work for brands I didn't endorse.

Something was wrong with that scenario. 


It dawned on me that we’d spend hundreds of hours—and millions, billions of dollars, launching, promoting and selling products that aren’t good for people. For their health, for their minds, for the planet. Products that can actually harm them, 
even make them sick. And I mean really sick. 

I was no longer the devil’s advocate. 

I was the devil.

Time had come.

I learned the craft and it was time to take the next step. They say when the student the master appears?

I started being approached by friends of friends who were launching companies that had a different, more purposeful approach.

I started realizing there was a whole new layer of brands that have a greater purpose in the world, not only selling. Brands who were in great need of the positioning campaigns I had learned so well to provide.

Companies with a passion,
a drive, a different mind-set,
a greater reason to be. 

I started with those brands.

• A platform for millennials to lead the
  world by example.

• A plant-based, raw, organic and
  sustainableanti-age cream. 

• A music label with an new approach to
  creating, listening and selling music

• A dating app for conscious coupling

• An organic and raw line of "un-makeup" products 


Eventually I left the agency world and started working with these smaller, entrepreneurial, leading edge brands that are technologically and consciously innovative.

Brands that I could, and did, fall in love with.

ICONscious was born. 

Today we position brands by finding their highest value and clearly translating it into an irresistible ICON Positioning Campaign that viscerally speak to their ideal clients and turn them into instant and profitable successes. 

So, if you have a fantastic brand that isn't magnetizing the type of clients and sales you want, let's talk.

You'll be required to step up and play a much bigger game. But again, that's what you came here for.

Click the the button below and let's have a free, content filled and brand-altering assessment chat.

I'll be delighted to blow your mind.

I mean that.